After #metoo and #timesup:

Now it´s time for #taketwo


The calls #metoo and #timesup have revealed the consequences of uneven power structures, gender inequal representation, production budgets and wages, not to speak of abuse and harassment. The imbalance has created a lot of pain and a huge loss - it keeps all of us from seeing more perspectives and stories.

It is time for a retake of the film- TV-, advertising and media industries.

Take Two is not here to discuss problems – but to talk solutions.

We are a resource for education, training, workshops, lectures, and mentoring – as education precedes change. Nothing will change without increased awareness of the benefits.

We have to find the “what's in it for me” – because the reality is, there is a lot to be gained for everyone. However, we won't find the motivation for change without first having identified the “whys and the wins”.


·       How will gender equality make my business more profitable?

·       How will more gender equality/diversity bring new audiences, new markets, new revenues?

·       How will this knowledge make me better in my professional role, as a leader, or as a creative?

·       What´s in it for me, for my business, my industry?

·       How do I create change in practice?

Take Two believes in teaching practical and hands-on tools that will create concrete, real, and lasting change.
We are here to educate and inform about the benefits of a more gender equal film- and media industry – for all parties: For increased working environments, for increased creativity and innovation and for increased profitability within the industries. But also for increased awareness of the long term benefits a more representative and gender equal media industry will bring to individuals and entire societies.

We are 100% certain of the fact that if more people were aware of the benefits – both monetary & social – absolutely everybody would line up to learn about how to take the necessary steps to create the change needed.

If this is all so good, then why haven´t we already done so?
Sometimes we are just so used to “status quo” and what seems “normal”, “the ways things “are”  -that we have yet to envision something that would be even better, including bringing us to new markets and even more revenue.

We also need to become more aware of the “unseen” gender stereotypes and old patterns that keep us back, that keep us from evolving.

Take Two has seen the need for a global platform for gender equality for the industry - with concrete tools as to how to get there. Take Two provides a platform for sharing best practices, networks and innovative initiatives to speed up the process. This way, we will collaborate in finding joint ways of #movingforwardtogether.

From #metoo to #method.

From #timesup to #taketwo.

We're happy to have you on board. 




Photo by Maharael Boutros -

Photo by Maharael Boutros -