In the times of an increasing she-economy and an increasingly value-driven marketplace – working with gender equality and diversity in the media industry is a must to be a relevant player in the industry - and to maintain a thriving business. 

In our workshops, we will give you and your company a tailor-made session based on your specific needs and goals.

We often start new collaborations with a preparatory survey for your team, and by reviewing your current organization and target audiences - in order to make sure that we give you and your team exactly what you are looking for.

Our workshops always cover both internal and external goals:


The internal goals relate to your organization, team and work environment.
How can you create a work place of true meritocracy, that can attract and retain the very best talent and provide a work environment in which everyone thrives, and the productivity, creativity and profitability flourishes?






The external goals relate to how your organization can make gender equality and diversity a strong USP for your brand itself. How you can use this knowledge to attract new clients, partners, collaborations, audiences and markets.How can this knowledge become a part of who you are and what you sell – part of your brand.

The “other benefits” will just be icing on the cake – but not too shabby side-benefits: The fact that your work will also lead to massive benefits throughout society.

Because with a more gender equal media industry, you will also contribute to creating productions showing more diverse and improved gender norms, less unhealthy gender stereotypes, less destructive masculinities, less sexism, less ageism, and more ethnic diversity.

Meaning that this work is just as important as your other commitments to CSR and sustainability, such as environmental goals.

By actively learning about, and incorporating gender & diversity in all that you do – you will contribute to creating media that better represents and mirrors society – giving your audience and clients the opportunity to see, hear, and learn from more perspectives, more life stories, more innovation, and more solutions. This will benefit us all. Including you and your company.

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