Swedish industry contacts

Sweden is known around the world to have a feminist government and a whole range of great people, organisations and companies that work for gender equality. h

Here are some of our inspiring favourites:



Ellinor Ekström and Sophie Lokko realised quite early on in their advertising careers that if there is one thing that makes the ad industry tick, it's winning awards. And there are plenty of awards - but one was most certainly missing. So in 2014 they founded "Guldvågen" (The Golden Scales" - however, in Swedish the word "vågen" means both "wave" and "scales"). It was high time for more balance in the industry and therefore Gudvågen set out to award the most gender equal agency in Sweden - and have done so ever since. Agencies flock to enter the award show and prove that they are on their toes when it comes to gender equality. The contest has also helped clarify to the young generation applying for jobs, which agencies that are the most gender equal and balanced. In 2016, the award was extended with two more categories: "Campaign of the Year" and "Inspirer of the Year." We love Ellinor and Sophie for creating "Gudlvågen"!



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Women and men should have equal rights and opportunities to influence and develop in their professions and at their workplaces. This is not the reality today - and this is what AllBright wants to change.

"All people must have the right to reach their full potential, regardless of gender or background" 

AllBright is a politically-independent, non-profit foundation that promotes equality and diversity on the executive business level in Sweden. We work actively to influence decision-makers in the business sector to work consciously and purposefully to increase the proportion of women in senior positions. We continually identify the gender balance of business management teams and boards of directors to highlight the issue of representation. AllBright aims to shift the debate from discussing problems to delivering solutions. 




Take Two launches at the Stockholm Feminist Film Festival on Feb 23rd, 2018. This is the largest film festival for women’s films in Scandinavia. We screen films by women directors from all over the world: both features and shorts, fiction as well as documentaries. Alongside our diverse program we will also be hosting a variety of panels addressing gender equality in film, masterclasses, workshops and more.

The next edition of Stockholm Feminist Film Festival will be held February 22-25, 2018. All films will have English subtitles if nothing else is indicated.