Our Vision

It's time for Take Two.


This is Take Two´s vision and mission: to create a gender equal media industry.

When a film scene doesn´t turn out the way it should, or as great as it could - there's a Take Two. A retake; a let's-do-it-over-until-we-get-it-right-take.  That's what the media industry needs to as far as diversity and gender equality is concerned.

Take Two empowers individuals and businesses within the media and communications industries to create more gender equal and diverse workplaces, as well as more equal and representative productions, whether it is film, advertising, PR, the news media or other means of communications. We offer:

• EDUCATION - lectures, workshops and mentoring



• CERTIFICATION - to enable everyone to more easily find gender equal certified partners


The film industry, TV, news media and advertising has a huge impact and responsibility when it comes to presenting and representing diverse and inspiring characters as role models, especially for the young and more impressionable. The work is often carried out in line with norms and traditions, sometimes perhaps without the awareness of what it tells the audience. But seeing that the world has changed with new expectations, a new awareness and not least a new, strong and well-educated/informed female population representing a strong ”sheconomy”, we all need to review and reflect over our responsibility and work.

It is a question of equality and well as of profitability - if we cannot resonate with major target groups in a relevant way, we will not succeed.


A platform to inspire and enable a more responsible take in the media industry, through education, collaboration, inspiring best practices and through certification.


A number of tools available online and IRL to facilitate every step of a production for more representative, equal and inspiring productions in film, TV, news media and advertising.

It’s time for Take two.





Photo by  Alex Holyoake  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash