"Having Christina as a creative director is, simply put, fantastic. She is always positive, no matter how hard the challenge is, and her ability to spread this energy to the rest of the group never fails. I owe a lot of my strongest personal and professional characteristics to Christina. In many ways, she has made me a better copywriter. And a better person."

Jonas Åkerlind, Marketing Manager, Revide


"Working with Christina is a true privilege. Even at the most difficult and challenging moments, you always feel encouraged after having a meeting with her. She listens well, gets it right away and has always something insightful and wise to add. She combines being a great human being with true professionalism. I give her the best of my recommendations and can only hope to work with her some day again."

Sten Andersen, Chief Marketing & PR Officer, ATG


On Christina Knight's book "Mad Women - A Herstory of Advertising":

"This book is a well-needed, empowering and inspirational account of women's experiences of the ad industry. Everyone, men and women, who want t shape our future industry should put it on their reading list immediately."

Mary Wells Lawrence, Advertising legend,